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Hello, Dear Friend and Reader …

My name is Marta (Skluzacek) Drew, Gypsy Hausfrau. I have been writing for as long as I have been able to … it’s my way of seeking order and connection while offering up my experience and sympathy.  I love my beautiful, mysterious life, even with its losses and failures. I bet you love yours too, if you really think about it. Struggling in this life is inevitable, I believe, but struggling alone is not.

That’s why I write and that’s why I’m sharing with you — because community makes all the difference.


Some Tips on Navigating Gypsy Hausfrau:

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I’m so honored that you’re here. I welcome your thoughtful and respectful reflections in the Share Your Thoughts section following each post. Note: You will need to click on the title of a specific post to comment on it.


With gratitude, warmth and affection,

Marta Drew

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Gypsy Hausfrau

  1. There is such a great tribute thread to your dad on FB right now under “You know you’re from Edina when…” 💖

    Love your writing and miss you!


  2. Marta- Your writing is beautiful! It rolls and sways and lures the soul with bravery, openness, gratitude and selfless introspection that captures you and bits of all of us. Found you by way of CLH…we were cabinmates ages ago (I think Nutcracker?!).Glad to have found your lovely writing and hope you are well!


    1. Thank you for the lovely compliments! I’ve been letting this blog lie fallow for a while, but it’s nice to know when someone finds it once in a while. My kids go to Lincoln and Lake Hubert now … my youngest may be in Nutcracker this year! Wild, isn’t it? What is your name?


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