“I don’t have perfection in my character, but I do have it in my life. Once in a while, when I stop peering at my sorry self in the mirror and gaze instead out at my singular, mysterious life, I see perfection…”

Gypsy Hausfrau

f46eb-sunriseoverlakehubert © 2015 Marta C Drew

I believe most of us understand by now — at least intellectually– that nobody is perfect. We know the brilliant fashion models-turned-artistic-city-revitalizing entrepreneurs with toned bodies and adorably-dressed-free-range-organically-fed children have problems too.  I know they do and anyway, I’m not comparing myself to them.

I’m comparing myself to a Super-Me, an Extreme Makeover Me, the one I would certainly be if I weren’t so lazy/superior/judgy/emotional.  The one I invent while I’m not exercising and not writing and not cleaning the house and not earning a paycheck and not making dinner and not staying on top of the laundry and not being on the PTO and not dressing particularly well and not keeping up on the news and not washing my hair all that often and not kicking my VERY serious Candy Crush Saga habit and not being at all chill.

Even if I could pull…

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3 thoughts on “Perfection

  1. Dear Marta,

    Always a joy to see a Gypsy post in my inbox! I thought I recognized parts of “Perfection” but “A Return” recently was a new delight. Keep on writing!!! I love your imperfections; in fact, I don’t see them as imperfections, and unless doing so fuels your creativity, I hope you don’t spend much time on them either! We are off to Vietnam Friday! Whoopee! Much love. >


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