About Gypsy Hausfrau

Gypsy Hausfrau final portrait edit

I am Marta Drew, the Gypsy Hausfrau.

According to my Czech dad, my maiden name — Skluzacek– means “singing, skating bird.” He says we descend from a band of traveling performers who made their living wandering around Bohemia, figure-skating on the frozen lakes and singing for anyone who would watch and listen.

That’s kind of like blogging in Minnesota, right?

The Hausfrau part refers to my glamorous career as a Stay-at-Home-Mama to three ever-so-slightly hypersensitive children and one ever-so-slightly hyper-rational husband.

Writing is my way of returning to the people, places, and experiences I haven’t finished loving or understanding yet. I write to slow the world down, so I don’t miss anything important.